Are these your glasses?

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Meet Sergio

Sergio is a penguin who lives with his father in a small house by the ocean. At school, he doesn't have many friends because he is different to the other children. With his father as a guide, he learns some valuable lessons as he grows up. These lessons help him to show great determination and strength as he tries to find true friendship.

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About the book

Are These your Glasses? is a book aimed at primary school children. It tells the tale of a lonely penguin who is faced with many hurdles as he grows up. The book has been designed to inspire deep conversations within the classroom and home to educate children about what it feels like to be excluded. It explains how when we are faced with challenges in life, we can overcome them by showing sheer determination and a great deal of care and love.

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The illustrator of the book Jennifer Cooper

About the illustrator

Jennifer Cooper is an Australian artist who works in painting, collage, murals, speed painting, and illustration. Jennifer is constantly exploring new media and digital illustration is her latest phase.

Jennifer began her Fine Art degree at Newcastle University, Australia, and completed it at Bauhaus University in Germany. She then relocated to Dubai with her English husband in 2010 and has been a full-time artist since then.

About the author

Gavin McCormack is a primary school teacher based in Sydney Australia who wants to make a difference. As a child, he was bullied at school. The feeling of the bullying he faced as a child stayed with him well into his adult life. After working with children for almost 20 years, he has seen the patterns emerging, especially in those children who, like him, are socially excluded. He decided to write this book to eradicate social exclusion in primary schools and to educate young people about the long term effects of bullying and exclusion.

The author of the book Gavin McCormack

"This book is the perfect resource for teaching children about the negative effects of bullying and isolation. Gavin McCormack writes from the heart and his own experiences, evoking feelings of empathy within the reader, and the story is beautifully illustrated by Jennifer Cooper. These lessons disguised as stories are sure to have the most impact on our younger children and I'm looking forward to seeing more of these from McCormack."

Tanya Natalie - Bookshop owner at 'The Bookplate', Sydney

"Inspiring and thoughtful! An important message for all kids today"

Rory McCormick - Sydney

"The story of Sergio is a beautiful, moving exploration of the effects of bullying. Children of all ages will appreciate the imagery and respond to the story - it is a must read."

Emma Whale - Corporate communications manager Sydney

"An Amzing book inspired by a child and brought to life by their teacher. Is there any better way to learn?"

Simone Louise - Primary Teacher, Sydney