About the book

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What can the book do for your child?

The story of Sergio has the potential to educate your child on a variety of levels. Not only does it inspire deep conversations about what it feels like to be excluded from a group, but it also teaches children about determination and the lesson that the gift of kindness is the greatest gift of all. It has a strong moral focus with many fine details and inferential clues within the beautiful illustrations, which can be great starters for topics of discussion. It also has a beautiful ending ...

The Science

While Sergio embarks on his journey into manhood, he encounters many obstacles in his way. Each one he overcomes with the power of sheer will. The story incorporates the tale of the Adélie penguin who, when mating, collects pebbles to impress their mate. On meeting a potential mate, the penguins offer the pebble as a gift (much like a traditional proposal for humans) and this story teaches children how penguins find a mate in the wild.

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"This book is the perfect resource for teaching children about the negative effects of bullying and isolation. Gavin McCormack writes from the heart and his own experiences, evoking feelings of empathy within the reader, and the story is beautifully illustrated by Jennifer Cooper. These lessons disguised as stories are sure to have the most impact on our younger children and I'm looking forward to seeing more of these from McCormack."

Tanya Natalie - Bookshop owner at 'The Bookplate', Sydney

"Inspiring and thoughtful! An important message for all kids today"

Rory McCormick - Sydney

"The story of Sergio is a beautiful, moving exploration of the effects of bullying. Children of all ages will appreciate the imagery and respond to the story - it is a must read."

Emma Whale - Corporate communications manager Sydney

"An Amzing book inspired by a child and brought to life by their teacher. Is there any better way to learn?"

Simone Louise - Primary Teacher, Sydney